“Russian hour” will be held on October 23rd 2017 in Mexico City

“Russian hour” — a traditional conference that represents Russian helicopter industry on the world markets — will be held on October 23rd 2017 in Mexico City.

“Russian Exhibition Systems” acted as an organizer of the event, the Helicopter Industry Association provides support for the “Russian hour”, title sponsor — “Russian Helicopters Holding”. Main topic of the “Russian hour”: “Russian-made helicopters for Latin America: realities and future market development”.

This year “Russian hour” is a part of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade business-mission to the countries of Latin America headed by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov. Presentations of the representatives of the “Russian Helicopters Holding” and the “Russian Helicopter Systems” are planned as a part of the event program.

On the event discussions on the status of the Russian-made helicopter fleet in the region will take place, experts will make presentations of new and advanced models, also special leasing packages will be disclosed. Format of the meeting is B2B and B2G cooperation — representatives of local companies and government officials will have an opportunity to ask questions directly to the responsible executives and to get the inside scoop.

In addition, experts from the “Russian Helicopters Holding” will tell about improvement of the effectiveness of fire-protection, medical evacuation support and search-and-rescue operations in Mexico involving the use of helicopters. This is particularly topical in these days, as the country was badly hit by the devastating earthquake magnitude 7,1 recently with more than 200 people dead.

Russian-made helicopters that are actively used in rectification of the consequences of the emergencies and natural disasters all around the world earned highest place on the record. Among other things, possibilities of the “Ansat” helicopter in executing similar tasks will be discussed on the “Russian hour”. Because of its construction and specifications, this helicopter may become a great addition to the aircraft fleet of any emergency services. In Russia the “Ansat” helicopters with medical modules are actively delivered to the regions of Russian Federation under the national program of medical aviation development and already approved to be the best.

“Russian hour” is held since 2010. Main goal of the event is the promotion of the Russian helicopter industry in largest world markets and sharing experiences. “Russian hour” was organized in YSA, France, People’s Republic of China and Australia. Event received favorable reviews from participants. Current ” Russian hour” will become 9th on the count.

Full schedule and information about the event is published on the official web site of the Helicopter Industry Association.